Unfinished Work

Rob in york ~ august 2019

No story is ever finished. There are always events that came before and after, as well as events not told that happen in between and around the events portrayed. Publication is just a stage stories go through. The stories here have yet to reach that stage.

Short Stories

2004 The Kings Arrow
3,938 An attempt at fantasy

1999 The Face On Mars
1,262 no comment

1998 Digitally Remastered
1,000 word competition entry

Imperfect Contact
1,000 word competition entry

Power To The People
6,660 "PowerSat" revised

Prime Directive
384 no comment

The One Eared Man
3,637 no comment

1997 Tagged
1,604 no comment

Native Prelude
2,400 first in a series of imagined novels

1996 The Native Question
5,986 the short novel butchered (native series)

1995 Castaway
3,019 no comment

1993 PowerSat
5,300 no comment

1992 A Hole in the Fabric
6,000 my first submission anywhere, sent to Aurealis completed but only the start of the story I intended to tell


1994 Ross-248
2,520 in collaboration with Jason R.Bleckly

1993 The Native
17,435 a short novel? 2nd in a series envisaged as alien colonization of prehistoric Earth

1979 Untitled
20,000 My first attempt playing at writer, originally written long hand then labourious typewritten. Now buried, never to see daylight.