Rob in york ~ august 2019

A couple of
Writers of the Future


Writers of the Future Contest Honorable Mention
The Transit of Thera certificate
The Transit of Thera
Honourable Mention
3rd Quarter 2020
 A Goat for the Killing certificate
A Goat for the Killing
Honourable Mention
1st Quarter 2020
Only Oomans certificate
Only Oomans
Honourable Mention
3rd Quarter 2019
A Triplicity of Choices certificate
A Triplicity of Choices
4th Quarter 2018
Journey to the Corner certificate
Journey to the Corner
Honourable Mention
3rd Quarter 2018
Outcasts certificate
Honourable Mention
1st Quarter 2018
The Descent of the Kestrel certificate
The Descent of the Kestrel
Honourable Mention
3rd Quarter 2017
The big Picture certificate
The Big Picture
Honourable Mention
3rd Quater 1997
Science Fiction Writers of Earth 1997 top ten
Other Awards
Precursors to my brilliant career.