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My AntiSF Stories

The stories are about 500 words and published on-line by AntipodeanSF edited by Ion "Nuke" Newcombe.

And are available on the National Library of Australia's Pandora Archives. The Pandora icon links to the AntipodeanSF index. To read the story as published find the issue number.

The story links DO NOT WORK- yet. A job for another day.

background from AntiSF issue#200, courtesy 'DasWortgewand' on

Real Virtuality & Trojans (reprised)
AntiSF #200 Feb 2015

Flawed Justice
AntiSF #199 Jan 2014

Heads of State (50 words)
AntiSF #167 May 2012

Trojans (read by me)
AntiSF Radio Show 157 Alpha Jul 2011

Sane Planet
AntiSF #147 Sep 2010

AntiSF #142 Apr 2010

By Any Other Name
AntiSF #140 Feb 2010

AntiSF #61 Jul 2003

AntiSF #41 Jul 2001

AntiSF #34 Dec 2000

Message Received
AntiSF #31 Sep 2000

Is Your Eternal Life Secure
AntiSF #28 Jun 2000

Turning off the 20th Century
AntiSF #23 Jan 2000

Trojans & Dishonourable Ancestor
AntiSF Anthology 1 1999

Dishonourable Ancestor
AntiSF #16 Jun 1999

AntiSF #7 Sep 1998

My first ever published story Trojans appeared in Issue 7 (Sep 1998) after some sage advice from Ion "Nuke" Newcombe.

Nuke went on to publish it a further three times, printed in the AntiSF Anthology 1 (1999), as a radio play on AntiSF Radio Show 157 Alpha (Jul 2011 - read by me - not very well I might add, not my forte) and reprised for issue 200 (Feb 2015) along with a new story to show case a few AntiSF authors then and now. I guess Nuke like the story.