Rob in 2012

About the writer

I've written stories since my teens but only took it seriously late in life.
Mostly I write Speculative Fiction aka Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.

Blackwood Writers Group

In 1996 I co-founded the the Blackwood Writers Group, a cadre of dedicated SF writers, most of whom are now successful in their own write and instrumental in my early success.

Honourable Mention

Then an Honorable mention in L.Ron Hubbard's Writer's of the Future Contest went to my head and I decided it was time to write that novel.


The novel became a trilogy (The Restoration Legends) that over the last couple of decades has taken over the living and writing even though it is now finished. I'm trying to edit it as a unit, a scene at time. Yes I have rocks in my head.

Most readers only see the bright shiny tip of the writers iceberg, never the bulky part hidden below the surface, the false starts and the failures, the million plus words of practice. Here's a link to that part of this writer's iceberg that is under the surface.unfinished work. It might one day get resurected, polished and sumbitted; when the triology is done or I have the rocks surgically removed from head.